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It is our pleasure to welcome students, parents, teachers, counselors, principals and schools to get involved in Mathematical Association of America’s (MAA) international schools enrichment programs. Appreciate your interest in Math and in academic challenges.

Our group is led by Prof Chandra (based in Boston, USA is supported by offices and field level program team in South, South East and Middle East Asia) and we are looking forward to have a meeting with you and your school academic leadership with Prof Chandra on phone or during his up-coming visit to the region.

We have been actively engaging in the region with our programs for past two years with great enthusiasm and spirit among our target audiences which are high school students, teachers, and principals

- 65 schools participated in our elite programs (schools including Dhirubhai Ambani, Embassy School, Chirec, Indus, DPS (Saketh, Fradidaba, Nacharam..etc) etc

- Plus 3500 students in the region challenged themselves in math and science contests we offer like AMC 8/10/12

- We funded and supported establishing of Chi Alpha Mu Math clubs chapters in Indian cities and schools

- Teachers, principals and schools we awarded, certified based on amazing skills demonstrated in international programs

- 100s of students, teachers, vice principals and principals travelled to United States to attend enrichment programs, conferences organized by us

- We support students, teachers with training, books, mock tests, online practices, journals

We appreciate your interest on encouraging your students to take fresh academic challenges. This is the kind of extra-curricular passion and achievement that elite institutions look for in their applicants, and we hope that students keep up this level of focus throughout their career. I also wanted to assure you that MAA - IPG and I will be available with any kind of support and guidance you require in your and your schools academic journey.

Would you be available for a quick call with one of our MAA representatives sometimes this week? MAA would like to get feedback on your experiences as an educator to improve our programs in the region. We would also like to discuss opportunities/possibilities for an educator like yourself working with MAA/partners. I also wanted to invite you to participate in our annual conference in Denver (August 1-4 ( as well as other events organized by us and our partners (registration fees are waived for AMC participants). We can also discuss several unique travel grants, funding that you might qualify for and are currently available. Please contact me at to learn more details about these exciting opportunities!


Maria Sabi

Executive Assistant, International Programs Group

MAA (South, South East and Middle East Asia Programs)

Boston, USA


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